In the 19th century, Karl Marx wrote that a spectre was haunting Europe – the spectre of communism. Today Europe – and, by extension, the Western world that Europe underpins – has itself become a spectre, a pale shadow of the great civilization it once was. It is facing an existential threat. For decades now, an ideology armed with good intentions and clothed in the guise of liberalism has been taking the West to an unknown destination that can be charitably called “Absurdistan”. It is a place as absurd as it is dangerous – not so much on account of the objectives of this doctrine as on account of the possible reaction that these objectives can produce. The folly of this ideology needs to be exposed, and this blog is a small step in that direction.

What is the Axis of Reaction? In order to determine who you are, you might first want to determine who you’re not. To that end, we are not bigots, racists, jingoists, or chauvinists – these are things we abhor. Nor do we believe that Western civilization is necessarily superior to other civilizations. Rather, we are impassioned advocates of Western civilization, which, in a Huntingtonian spirit, we believe to be unique and whose rights, we feel, deserve to be asserted no less than the rights of any other civilization. We want Western civilization to be strong, vibrant, and dynamic. In short, we want it to thrive.

Although we have clear views on the issues of the day, we do not have a clear political affiliation. We do not want to be beholden to ideological partisanship, and the traditional political spectrum bequeathed to us by the political situation of late-19th-century France strikes us as inadequate in the modern context. Although some readers might be tempted to call us conservatives, we think of ourselves more as reactive liberals. Ultimately, however, we prefer to transcend labels in favour of intellectual honesty and plain common sense.

We hope to have you on board.