In the 19th century, Karl Marx wrote that a spectre was haunting Europe – the spectre of communism. Today Europe – and, by extension, the Western world that Europe underpins – has itself become a spectre, a pale shadow of the great civilization it once was. It is facing an existential threat. For several decades now, an ideology armed with good intentions and clothed in the guise of liberalism and democracy has been taking the West to an unknown destination that can be charitably called “Absurdistan”. But it’s not just making things absurd; it is making them dangerous.

It’s not so much the objectives of this doctrine that are frightening, but the reaction that these objectives can produce. The human condition – at least in its social expression – is marked by oscillation. This is true in economic life, where a trend that has gone too far in a certain direction is eventually corrected by market forces, and it is equally true in a social body. The dogma of political correctness and “ultraliberalism” is flirting with extremes. Eventually, it will snap back. A climate of unfettered freedom and misguided tolerance can turn into one of brutal repression and senseless bigotry, erasing the accomplishments of classical liberalism that Western civilization has so painstakingly achieved. This reaction should be feared, and its threat cannot be discounted. It is therefore essential that our society react to arrest the current drift to dystopia and stave off a potential catastrophe.

This blog is a small step in that direction. Under the editorship of Toronto-based Eugène E., its purpose is to expose the folly of the prevailing doctrines, present analysis that you might not easily find elsewhere, and hopefully, help shape debate and the kind of reaction that will restore our civilization to good health.